6 Best Online Language Games to Learn with fun

Hi my friends , how are you :D I've been missing you all 😊 today I choose to talk about language games, yes, we gonna play :D but before talking about the topic, İ want to start first by a situation : are you feeling down and tired of learning , well , what if I tell you that you can revise your language lessons and learn, all that while enjoying your time, you can choose between talking with a chat bot in the language you are learning for practice or training your ear to distinguish between different languages, and the following is a list of languages games I collected from my daily browsing and that I like them with a simple design that loads fast, this website has many interesting games to play, you start by choosing a topic, then a list of games appear on the top Jigsaw2. Pairs of words or guess the word fast with Speedword, you can also play quizlet game to refresh your vocabulary.

+: lot of games to play
- : flash-based design, not compat…

The Dot Appearance And Evolution In Arabic Language

Selam Alaykum my dear friends , how are you :D hope that you are fine and enjoying your summer vacation :D my story with this article began when I was scrolling on Facebook news feed and I found a text written in Arabic , but this time without dots O.o as the picture shows ,so after I asked uncle Google :D in addition to some friends who are studying in major of Arabic literature, I manage to get an idea about the topic 

The History :

   According to history,first attempts to put dots upon letters began in Abbasid dynasty,this Epoque was a change point for Arabic language ,a linguist/poet and a grammarian called Abu al-Aswad al Du'ali (603 - 688), was the first to make a letter pointing system in Arabic (664 AD) , after he noticed that many people who converted to Islam could not read the holy Qur'an properly and so could not figure out what it's said in the book .

Thanks to his pointing system , people became able to understand the meaning of words without being dependent on…

Review : Assimil Le Turc Sans Peine livre - Turkish for French speakers (French Edition)

Selam my friends , how are you :D I hope you are fine and you are enjoying this week-end reading language articles and learning vocabulary of your lovely language :D today I want to start my first review about a book I bought few days ago (as it's my first review , so it is normal to lack some elements , but at least I tried to do something to help you , any suggestion will be appreciated :) ), the book is published by Assimil , a French company that was creating and publishing many languages courses since 1929 , the book as you can see in the picture is teaching Turkish for French speakers and designed for beginners to help them reach upper-intermediate level  (B2 according to European Fluency Scale ) , the good thing in the book is the fact that it covers all parts in the language , from vocabulary to grammar , with exercices to apply what you learn from lessons . also , the book comes with a grammatical index and the most used expressions that you will need in your conversation…

What It Means To Be a Monolinguist, Bilinguist or Multilinguist ?

Hi friends :D how are you :D I hope that you are fine now, enjoying Christmas days with your family :). today I want to talk about some definitions, I think if you are into languages , you most likely heard words like , monolingual, bilingual, multilingual, polyglot , hyperpolyglot etc... but, do you know the difference between all these terms? that's what we are going to discover together in this post :)
Mono-linguist : simply , this term refers to people who speak only their native language           ( one language) , crystal clear , isn't it :D
Bi-linguist: this is the second grade in language scale, refers to people who speak two languages, including their native language, like everyone in this world (as they study a second language at school ) , examples are numerous , it could be even you neighbour :D

Multi-linguist : in fact , there is an interferance ,the multilinguist is  as similar as the next grade of polyglot , but with a small difference , a multilinguist is anyone …

Best 5 Free Language Courses to Boost Your Learning

Hi guys , comment allez-vous :D Hope you are fine and enjoying christmas days before saying goodbye to this year 2015 , also , I feel happy (and also sad :(  ) , feeling happy because this blog changed a lot in my life , and connect me with people who really care about language and share the same hobby with me , but sad because i didn't manage to give much to visitors for some reasons ( maybe this article would be no more an article if I start to tell you about my story ...sure that's not what you are looking for :)  )

So without making you wait for long , as Kato Lomb said "Language is the only thing worth knowing even poorly" , especially if you get itchy feet and you want to go somewhere , you may need some crash courses to learn some basic sentences to get directions or to order a meal or something else , so   this is five best courses you can take on Udemy learning platform :
Russian Made Easy - Accelerated Learning for Russian :  ( 4.9 stars ***** )  : as the nam…

5 reasons why songs are best way to learn a language

Hola mi amigos :D ¿ qué tal ? :D I'm back again :D I hope that you still there , reading posts about language and enjoying your day :D  today , I want to talk with you about one of my favourite ways to hack any language....i'm talking about songs ..yes , as you know , music feeds our souls , but beside this , it has great advantages for language learners that I'm going to list , so without making more suspense , let's start :D :
- audible material sticks in the brain more than a printed one :  let's imagine that you are watching TV and you see a commercial with a song you like ...after few hours go to read a novel you bought from , if i asked you to repeat the line "x" in page "n" are most likely to forget as you focused on the story more than focusing on vocabulary used in the novel , however , if i asked you to sing the commercial , there are chances to sing a large part of the song (well , I don't know if t…

Imad needs your prayers

Good morning my brothers and sisters all over the world , how are you :) this is a short message from me before desappear for a short time , these days are going so difficult for me , Exams will start 5 days from now , and I need you to pray with me to succeed and get my Business diploma , please ,  it will take just 5 minutes to pray with me and with all students who have exams these days ... :)
For Muslim learners that are visiting this blog , it's sad that i'll not be here to wish you Ramadan mubarak , but you know , I love you all , wish you a month of ramadan full of  joy and happiness with your families :)

Thank you in advance my dear friends :) 

Update : first day in the exam was fine , İ hope to pass this exam quickly to come back 
:) have a nice day

Update 2 : İ finished exams , 5 hours and 10 papers , can you imagine ? :o it was really difficult , just pray with me to get the average mark :)

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