IELTS VS TOEFL : Know the difference

Hi Friends , how are you  :D glad to see you here again \(^▽^)/ , today we are going to know about two International English language tests : TOEFL and IELTS , what are these tests , the difference and which one to choose , whether you are planning to study abroad or for immigration, there are many institutions in the world that require one of these certificates as a part of your application

What is TOEFL ?
the TOEFL is an abbreviation for Test Of English as a Foreign Language , is an International English test , made by ETS (Educational Testing Services), the test has two versions : Paper-based test (PBT) and Internet-based test (IBT) , with more than 30 million test takers worldwide, IBT is the most taken test , it covers four parts : reading, listening ,speaking,writing , with a total score of 120 , the score can be valid for 2 years from the test date , and it's recognised by more than 10,000 colleges, universities and agencies in more than 130 countries, including Australia,…

Beelinguapp : have fun learning languages like a bee

Hi Friends, how are you πŸ˜„ so glad to see you again in a new post where I want to talk about a mobile app that I use for learning languages 😊 
As you all know, reading is very important in the language learning process , but sometimes we want to make sure that we are pronouncing words the right way, we want to listen to the audio and then repeat, but also, sometimes we are unable to understand some idioms and when we use automated translation services, we just make things worse hhh  

The point is that we need something that reads and give the meaning in the real-time, that's exactly what this app does πŸ˜„ , you can choose from a variety of stories and articles classified by category: children stories, cultures, scientific articles, all available to read for free. You can also choose your level to get the content that suits your current level 😊 , after choosing your story, you can enjoy reading it side by side with translation like you do in karaoke, you see the color fills the s…

Flitto : Make Few Dollars While Translating and Reading News in Your Language

Hi, friends, comment Allez-Vous? :D (How are you in French :p ) , I'm back again with exclusive posts as always, but this time with a special topic, cuz I didn't see posts talk about it on the net :D , well, I'm not going to make more suspense, just let's get into the situation : Are you a beginner ? Do you need a motivation to keep learning?  Or even Are you looking for a way to practice your knowledge in languages and make few dollars at the same time? then,this post is made for You :D  In fact , It was a few months ago when I saw a sponsored advertisement on Facebook that promotes this new app that enables people to get rewarded by translating simple sentences to other people, or to translate tweets and different feeds of news pages, to make other people understand , I'm talking about Flitto , so all that you need to get started is a PC/Android phone or tablet with Internet access and a knowledge in one of the languages supported by the app and that are Korean,…

Language Learning – the Advantages of Learning Russian from a Native Speaker

Learning a new language is difficult enough when the syntax and grammar are similar to the tongue you already speak. When you attempt to learn a language as different as Russian, the challenges are that much greater. The Russian language is one of the most widely spoken in the world, and those who grow up with it pick up the tongue as naturally as Americans pick up the English language. But for the uninitiated, the many differences between Russian and English can present a real barrier to learning.
Fortunately, there is a way for learners to pick up the new language skills they need. Whether they need to learn Russian for business purposes or just for fun, learning from a native speaker of the language can make things a great deal easier.

When you learn the Russian language from someone who already speaks it, you get an inside track on the things that make it so different from the tongue you already speak. A native speaker of Russian can also provide you with valuable information about …

6 Best Online Language Games to Learn with fun

Hi my friends , how are you :D I've been missing you all 😊 today I choose to talk about language games, yes, we gonna play :D but before talking about the topic, Δ° want to start first by a situation : are you feeling down and tired of learning , well , what if I tell you that you can revise your language lessons and learn, all that while enjoying your time, you can choose between talking with a chat bot in the language you are learning for practice or training your ear to distinguish between different languages, and the following is a list of languages games I collected from my daily browsing and that I like them with a simple design that loads fast, this website has many interesting games to play, you start by choosing a topic, then a list of games appear on the top Jigsaw2. Pairs of words or guess the word fast with Speedword, you can also play quizlet game to refresh your vocabulary.

+: lot of games to play
- : flash-based design, not compat…

The Dot Appearance And Evolution In Arabic Language

Selam Alaykum my dear friends , how are you :D hope that you are fine and enjoying your summer vacation :D my story with this article began when I was scrolling on Facebook news feed and I found a text written in Arabic , but this time without dots O.o as the picture shows ,so after I asked uncle Google :D in addition to some friends who are studying in major of Arabic literature, I manage to get an idea about the topic 

The History :

   According to history,first attempts to put dots upon letters began in Abbasid dynasty,this Epoque was a change point for Arabic language ,a linguist/poet and a grammarian called Abu al-Aswad al Du'ali (603 - 688), was the first to make a letter pointing system in Arabic (664 AD) , after he noticed that many people who converted to Islam could not read the holy Qur'an properly and so could not figure out what it's said in the book .

Thanks to his pointing system , people became able to understand the meaning of words without being dependent on…

Review : Assimil Le Turc Sans Peine livre - Turkish for French speakers (French Edition)

Selam my friends , how are you :D I hope you are fine and you are enjoying this week-end reading language articles and learning vocabulary of your lovely language :D today I want to start my first review about a book I bought few days ago (as it's my first review , so it is normal to lack some elements , but at least I tried to do something to help you , any suggestion will be appreciated :) ), the book is published by Assimil , a French company that was creating and publishing many languages courses since 1929 , the book as you can see in the picture is teaching Turkish for French speakers and designed for beginners to help them reach upper-intermediate level  (B2 according to European Fluency Scale ) , the good thing in the book is the fact that it covers all parts in the language , from vocabulary to grammar , with exercices to apply what you learn from lessons . also , the book comes with a grammatical index and the most used expressions that you will need in your conversation…