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All About French- Speaking Countries

Hi Friends , Polyglots and Language learners everywhere , welcome to my website and in this post in which I'll show you some informations about French and French-speaking countries , and their influence in the world .
Roughly around 200 million people around the world speak French. This number includes people who speak French as a native language, as a second language and students of all ages who do not live in a francophone (French-speaking) country but have learned French. In fact French as a foreign language is the second most commonly taught language worldwide after English. It is also the only foreign language that can be useful throughout the world as well as in the United States. French comes in second after English on the list of the worlds 10 most influential languages. Proof of this is the pivotal role French holds. It is one of the official working languages in dozens of powerful international organisations such as the European Union (EU), United Nations (UN), World Heal…

Why Should I Learn a Foreign Language ?

Hi friends , what's up :D , hope you are fine and enjoying this christmas holiday :D today I want to talk with you about differents advantages of being a language learner :D so ,as you know , more and more software programs, electronic devices, and websites devoted to foreign languages are being developed daily. Why all the excitement? Why would YOU want to learn a foreign language?
Job Advancement – Be Competitive Comparing To Other Candidates Many large corporations and government agencies have positions requiring a second language. In a country like Canada, which is officially bilingual, someone who knows both French and English will have better employment prospects.


Travel to a foreign country can be exciting and also very exasperating if you can’t understand the local speech. Many North Americans are somewhat egocentric in this regard, expecting to find English spoken no matter where they are. Although this is sometimes true in larger cities, don’t expect to find Engli…

6 Free Apps to Learn Language For Android

Hi Friends ,what's up :D hope that you are fine and that you enjoy this evening :D , today I will show you top 5 free apps I use personally to learn languages :) . In fact ,learning languages can take time to be able to build your first sentence correctly and start speaking with natives, but with these apps , you can reduce your learning time by up to 50% , simply because they put you into real situations, where you'll start to listen to native speech and turn it into text (transcription) , but also to listen to the correct pronounciation of each word , so let's start :D  :

Duolingo (4,6 stars & 1 Million Download on Play Store) : it's the best app you can find on Play Store for Language category and the most recommanded one by linguistics, my story with this app started a week ago , when I was preparing for this article , it's true that I got many positive feedbacks from my friends about it , and it has the highest score in Play Store ,but I want to give so…

All-in-one Guide to Start Learning a Language

All-in-one Guide to Start Learning 
a Language

      Hi friends, and welcome to my page in my first post, where I want to unveil secrets of language learning and which many language learners don't want you to know about. In fact , learning a language is not something easy , there are a lot of factors that make from you a successful polyglot, do you know Timothy Doner (you can click on the name to see his talk in TEDx Teen, I'm sure you'll get so many lessons from this funny talk :D ), Alex Rawlings (you can click to visit his channel on Youtube ) ,Gayatri Waillissa and so many other polyglots in the world, there are some common points that gather all those persons and that make them successful learners , and from these points, We can note : -The will: yes, this element is the most important and first step to get into any field of life, it's like the candle that illuminates your way. if you want something and you made reasons to get it, you'll end by having it, all t…

Article #1 : Introduction to my blog

Hi guys , what's up :D hope you are fine and you are enjoying your time :D . did you know , today is a great day , why ? because it's the first day in the life of this blog and where I'll try my best to make it a reference for all language learners :D . in fact ,this blog has a reason for existing , I inspired reasons from my personal experience as a language learner , when I was looking for ressources to help me in my learning process , but I ended by finding articles with too much lines and technical words as well , from here it comes the idea to make this blog to give people all what they need to start learning a language. I'll try to keep it simple in a way that everyone can understand , from begineers to professionals.

 For begineer , learning a language is not quite easy , it's like to hack a system ( and this is the main reason that makes me give that name to my blog because I consider linguistics as hackers , and they have many points in common with computer…