6 Free Apps to Learn Language For Android

    Hi Friends ,what's up :D hope that you are fine and that you enjoy this evening :D , today I will show you top 5 free apps I use personally to learn languages :) . In fact ,learning languages can take time to be able to build your first sentence correctly and start speaking with natives, but with these apps , you can reduce your learning time by up to 50% , simply because they put you into real situations, where you'll start to listen to native speech and turn it into text (transcription) , but also to listen to the correct pronounciation of each word , so let's start :D  :


Duolingo Exercice
  • Duolingo (4,6 stars & 1 Million Download on Play Store) : it's the best app you can find on Play Store for Language category and the most recommanded one by linguistics, my story with this app started a week ago , when I was preparing for this article , it's true that I got many positive feedbacks from my friends about it , and it has the highest score in Play Store ,but I want to give something that works ,so I decided to use it , and ...it's the best choice I made :D , it has an excellent method that's suitable for both begineers and professionals , for example, if you are a French learner,and you have a good level in it , you can directly start a test to put you in the level that you deserve , see the progress of your friends , buying special levels using points and gold blocks and so many other features that I think it's better to discover it by yourself, as the proverb says "to see is not to hear" :D .

  Maybe the only thing I can criticize in this mobile app is its limited language support , because it has not much languages courses ,except that , all is going fine :D


  • Memrise (4,4 stars & 500000 Download on Play Store) : this app was my first choice before I discovered Duolingo , I used to learn languages through this app for years ,and it's amazing , it is not only about languages , it has also courses for science , computing , law and even brain tests , but the feature I liked most and for which I chose this app is the support of "offline mode" , means you can download courses and learn when you are not online.

  The only bad thing in this app is that it takes a large space in RAM memory , which slow down the device , and consequently , many crashes appear from time to time , so if you don't have a powerful device, it would be better to not install this app  :) .

  • Lerni (4,3 stars & 100 thousand Download on P.Store ) : this mobile application was known under the name "course123" , but now ,they ask all users who have course123 on the phone to download their new app "Lerni".
   Generally,after I tested this app on my tablet, I found it easy to use, and it brings something new that I didn't see in previous apps : Videos ,yes , with Lerni you can learn vocabulary by watching subtitled videos included in each lesson , which will enable you to know words spellings and pronounciation in the same time .

  • Quizlet : the picture says it all , with 1 million users and 4,1 stars in the score, Quizlet becomes the best flashcards app in the market, with  Quizlet , you can learn while enjoying , playing games and having fun , and as my mission is to give you helpful and working apps, so I can't let this opportunity to flip from my hands :D , so I downloaded the app , I installed it, after I get into homescreen ,  I started to create a set to test and to know how it works , after I finished , I clicked on the set and the quiz started , they gave me the answer and asked me about the question and the opposite , the result , I got 100% in the score haha :D I didn't miss anything :D , I think you may consider to use this app on your phone , especially if you are a student , because it will help you to keep your brain active and up-to-date :D

  • Rad.io : maybe it seems a little "weird" to hear the word 'radio' in this linguistic context , but believe me , if you are looking for native language talk shows for example , you will not find something better than listening to radio channels , but it is not only limited to radio channels , this include also all broadcasted materials , like podcasts , TV channels and so on ... they are the best way for a starter as for a professional , because it gives you many advantages at once : discovering cultures,hearing pronounciation and enjoying music and funny talks :D , in my case I'm using Rad.io web platform to listen to British channels ( as I'm not living there :D ) , and it helps me to develop my language skills , you can also look for other apps if this one didn't work with you , there are plenty of radio apps on Play Store , all what you need is to look for them and enjoy :D


  • Hellotalk : launched since May,2013 , this language app managed to reach a large number of users within short time thanks to its new concept of direct speaking with natives , which helps both beginners and advanced to practice and develop their speech skills and vocabulary .

         For the user interface, I find it very simple , just click on search , find a language partner who match your profile (learn your native language/teach your target language ) , then click on message button and start practice , you can also use voice notes as you do on IM apps , but also , you can translate incoming messages to your native language , and learn words , personally ,this is the feature i like so much in this app :) .

  Finally , I hope that article to be helpful for everyone of you , regardless of his/her level :) . see you soon my friends :D


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