All-in-one Guide to Start Learning a Language

All-in-one Guide to Start Learning 
a Language


      Hi friends, and welcome to my page in my first post, where I want to unveil secrets of language learning and which many language learners don't want you to know about. In fact , learning a language is not something easy , there are a lot of factors that make from you a successful polyglot, do you know Timothy Doner (you can click on the name to see his talk in TEDx Teen, I'm sure you'll get so many lessons from this funny talk :D ), Alex Rawlings (you can click to visit his channel on Youtube ) ,Gayatri Waillissa and so many other polyglots in the world, there are some common points that gather all those persons and that make them successful learners , and from these points, We can note :
-The will: yes, this element is the most important and first step to get into any field of life, it's like the candle that illuminates your way. if you want something and you made reasons to get it, you'll end by having it, all those learners that I mentioned above wanted to give a proof to the world that nothing can deny them from achieving their goal, and they took risks and made all reasons to realize their dream. finally, they ended by making that dream happen, they are now from top polyglots in the world, and their names are written in all language resources.


-The strategy: as the proverb says "who chases two rabbits will catch neither", and language learning can't escape from this rule :) , this was happening with me last year (so now I'm giving you the fruit of my modest experience :) ) when I tried to learn Turkish and Romanian in the same time , but I simply ended by learning neither , so I decided after to leave Romanian courses to focus on Turkish , and that's exactly what you should do , just pick one language and do your best in order to learn it , also , you should avoid "jumping-on-stairs" strategy , I mean don't try to study for example course level 3 while you didn't see what was in level 2 , this is also a lesson from my modest experience, simply because I ended by having a weak language, which made me unable to communicate properly with natives , so just follow steps one by one :) .
Be patient : to learn a language, this can take a time before you start to speak it, depending on many factors like intelligence and previous experiences (if you already learnt a language before), how much you love that language, how much time you are ready to spend on learning etc... , so don't lose your hope spark and keep going , sooner or later, you'll learn it :) .


-Motivation: it came times when I said "why the hell I'm learning this language? (sorry for the curse :) ) believe me, the language is so important, when you apply for a job, from things that make difference between you and other candidates is the language. graduated from Economics University, OK, but personally, I don't find a use for someone that study marketing for example while he can't communicate with people and be understood. nowadays, you need to speak at least 3 languages, including your mother tongue, as you don't want to speak more and to be a polyglot :).

How Many Languages do you speak? (including your native language)

-Learning to get the job: This is the first and most important motivation for me as a student and for many language learners. years ago, when I used to talk with polyglots about their reasons to learn languages, 75% of answers were about job, while 25% were divided between hobby and family, to be able to speak with a family member that lives abroad and some other reasons , but the main reason is in most of the times related to job , it's the reason that pushes many people to learn and keep going on the way :)

Last reason I noticed, although it represents less than 20% of people, it's an important and very realistic reason, is learning to be able to speak with relatives. recently, I met many friends in a Romanian group on Facebook, that were adopted and lived in the USA, and they met their families ,but problems start when they realize they are unable to speak to their biological parents , as those last know only Romanian, so my friends started to learn that language, in hope to be able to speak with their parents someday, and they managed to learn that language , I start to see their Skype conversation videos on Facebook and Instagram , and they become able to talk with parents in their native languages . In this case, love and the strong relationship between those learners and their parents pushed them to do their bestest to master the language.
     So these were all advices you need to go on the way of learning ,I enjoyed writing that article to you and I hope you enjoyed reading it and to be helpful enough, just remember that a way of a thousand miles start by a mile, Don't give up :), see you soon in my next articles :D Have an excellent day friends .

P.S: In the next article, I will suggest to you 6 free apps that I use personally whenever I want to learn new languages, and that can help you reduce Learning time by up to 50% ;), stay tuned :)


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