Article #1 : Introduction to my blog

Hi guys , what's up :D hope you are fine and you are enjoying your time :D . did you know , today is a great day , why ? because it's the first day in the life of this blog and where I'll try my best to make it a reference for all language learners :D . in fact ,this blog has a reason for existing , I inspired reasons from my personal experience as a language learner , when I was looking for ressources to help me in my learning process , but I ended by finding articles with too much lines and technical words as well , from here it comes the idea to make this blog to give people all what they need to start learning a language. I'll try to keep it simple in a way that everyone can understand , from begineers to professionals.

 For begineer , learning a language is not quite easy , it's like to hack a system ( and this is the main reason that makes me give that name to my blog because I consider linguistics as hackers , and they have many points in common with computer hackers :) ) , and to break into a system , you need to know how it works ,and that can be applied on languages : to learn a language , you need to understand how it works (grammar,sentence structure,spelling etc ... ) in order to start making simple sentences and develop your speech skills until you master it  .

For a professional , YOU too have a place in this world :D , enjoy hacking languages , meet other polyglots 
and exchange your experiences with language :D . for that , I'll try to make posts especially for YOU , where I'll suggest places to discuss with linguistics and exchange your languages with other people (for example learning French and help your language mate to learn English ... ) without talking about notifications about special discounts on language products in shopping website (this is purely informative , I'm not affiliate to any of shopping websites ) .

For all visitors, I don't promise you to post daily , but I can say that I"ll do my best to give you simple and High Quality content , also I'm not here to give lessons (because that requires me to be free to prepare posts and reply on questions, which is difficult for me at this time. ) , but to show you tricks that most linguistics use to learn .

Finally , I'm so glad to see you here, and hope this relationship to last forever , good luck and happy surfing :D


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