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What It Means To Be a Monolinguist, Bilinguist or Multilinguist ?

Hi friends :D how are you :D I hope that you are fine now, enjoying Christmas days with your family :). today I want to talk about some definitions, I think if you are into languages , you most likely heard words like , monolingual, bilingual, multilingual, polyglot , hyperpolyglot etc... but, do you know the difference between all these terms? that's what we are going to discover together in this post :)
Mono-linguist : simply , this term refers to people who speak only their native language           ( one language) , crystal clear , isn't it :D
Bi-linguist: this is the second grade in language scale, refers to people who speak two languages, including their native language, like everyone in this world (as they study a second language at school ) , examples are numerous , it could be even you neighbour :D

Multi-linguist : in fact , there is an interferance ,the multilinguist is  as similar as the next grade of polyglot , but with a small difference , a multilinguist is anyone …

Best 5 Free Language Courses to Boost Your Learning

Hi guys , comment allez-vous :D Hope you are fine and enjoying christmas days before saying goodbye to this year 2015 , also , I feel happy (and also sad :(  ) , feeling happy because this blog changed a lot in my life , and connect me with people who really care about language and share the same hobby with me , but sad because i didn't manage to give much to visitors for some reasons ( maybe this article would be no more an article if I start to tell you about my story ...sure that's not what you are looking for :)  )

So without making you wait for long , as Kato Lomb said "Language is the only thing worth knowing even poorly" , especially if you get itchy feet and you want to go somewhere , you may need some crash courses to learn some basic sentences to get directions or to order a meal or something else , so   this is five best courses you can take on Udemy learning platform :
Russian Made Easy - Accelerated Learning for Russian :  ( 4.9 stars ***** )  : as the nam…

5 reasons why songs are best way to learn a language

Hola mi amigos :D ¿ qué tal ? :D I'm back again :D I hope that you still there , reading posts about language and enjoying your day :D  today , I want to talk with you about one of my favourite ways to hack any language....i'm talking about songs ..yes , as you know , music feeds our souls , but beside this , it has great advantages for language learners that I'm going to list , so without making more suspense , let's start :D :
- audible material sticks in the brain more than a printed one :  let's imagine that you are watching TV and you see a commercial with a song you like ...after few hours go to read a novel you bought from , if i asked you to repeat the line "x" in page "n" are most likely to forget as you focused on the story more than focusing on vocabulary used in the novel , however , if i asked you to sing the commercial , there are chances to sing a large part of the song (well , I don't know if t…

Imad needs your prayers

Good morning my brothers and sisters all over the world , how are you :) this is a short message from me before desappear for a short time , these days are going so difficult for me , Exams will start 5 days from now , and I need you to pray with me to succeed and get my Business diploma , please ,  it will take just 5 minutes to pray with me and with all students who have exams these days ... :)
For Muslim learners that are visiting this blog , it's sad that i'll not be here to wish you Ramadan mubarak , but you know , I love you all , wish you a month of ramadan full of  joy and happiness with your families :)

Thank you in advance my dear friends :) 

Update : first day in the exam was fine , İ hope to pass this exam quickly to come back 
:) have a nice day

Update 2 : İ finished exams , 5 hours and 10 papers , can you imagine ? :o it was really difficult , just pray with me to get the average mark :)

(updated in 

Wednesday,June 17th , 2015 14:52 G

Last update : yeeeeeeeeeees :D fin…

The Complete Story Behind Selling Brooklyn Bridge Expression

Hi brothers and sisters everywhere in this world , happy to see you again in my new post , this time I choose to talk with you about you about the origin of a famous American idiom , yes , I'm talking about "selling Brooklyn bridge" :D as an English learner , you experienced to hear a lot of expressions , some of them a weird enough to make me rolling on floor laughing haha :D , well , from expressions that made a question mark upon my head when I was learning English is "selling brooklyn bridge" (that is used to mean someone gullable or "stupid" )  I said "ow 0_o , why Brooklyn bridge exactly ? United States is full of bridges , so what made Brooklyn bridge more famous than the rest of bridges dispersed on the country .
Fortunately , as I have been studied about business , I was also interested in marketing , which led me to read an article titled "crazy ideas always succeed" (in Arabic ,by the way :) )  the story started in 1983 , when…

Practice time ? oh not now ...

Buonogiorno amici , come stai :D , İ hope you are all fine and happy to start this week , now before start discussing the topic , İ want to start first by a situation : did you live that moment when you were surfing on the net , suddenly , a notification from Duolingo told you that's practice time , and because you are not in mood to revise , so you go to notification bar and give that poor owl professor a clap to run away :D :v  few weeks after , you start feeling that spark of motivation reduces , until the day you give up ..not nice :/ is it ? İt feels like you were building a skycraper and suddenly all fades away :/ luckily , you are not the one who experienced this problem , and in this article , i'll show you some ways to avoid procrastinating your language learning activities , so let's start :

-Remind yourself there is a lot of things to do before start harvesting fruits : you may consider to do this if you want to keep your motivation , because language -as Memrise…

Top 6 moments only language hackers can enjoy

Selam arkadaşlar , n'aber :D (Hi friends , what's up :D ) ,  I hope you are fine and you are enjoying this week learning new words online :D , I'm back again with a new post , where I want to share with you top 6 moments that only language hackers enjoy :D , moments that only people like you and I are enjoying them :D , so without making more suspense , let's start :D

When your friend asks you a question and you reply in another language : we all had that moment when someone asked us about something and we reply "quoi?" for example haha :D some of them may consider it as you are trying to show that you speak languages , but they forget that when we -language hackers- want to learn a language , we program our brains and subconscious to get used to it , which result sometimes to "drop" some words unintentionally :D
when you want to write a word in a language , and you realize that is a spelling of the same word in another language : i'm sure you exp…

Tired from Facebook conversations , try Hellotalk

Good morning brothers and sisters wherever you are in the world, how are you :D I hope you are that you are fine and that you are enjoying your time :) , this week I come with a new app that can help you much in language , especially if we know that language exchange is somewhat difficult to realize via Facebook conversations because both of speakers should speak one language in order to communicate (which is English in most of cases , as it's popular and understood by most of people ) , by this way , you end by speaking no word in your target language,and by the time , you start to forget words and your level falls down .

For that reason , a new app was made just for that , to make language exchange easier and being understood while speaking your mother tongue, but also , you can learn sentences by translating your friend's reply , without need to copy the sentence and paste it in other translation apps , in HelloTalk app , you can do all these while enjoying talking with your…

Learn a language in few days .... what ???

Hi friends , come stai :D (How are you in Italian ) , hope that you are fine and full of energy :) my story with this article began when I was walking around in a library ,when i found a title "learn English in a week,simply,and without teacher" yeah....sounds weird :p , learn English in a week with a tiny book ? :D  and I stand looking for that book and laugh silently (as i'm not the only one in the library lol :D ) , I said "Are you kidding with me ? I studied English since my last years in Elementary school and still not mastering it yet , and you come to kid with me with that small book in your hands ? " :D .

   For that reason ,I decided to write this article to spread awarness about the subject , if you are a begineer and it was a coincidence and you passed by such books and you bought it , well , in this case I should say that I've a bridge to sell :D :p lol , maybe you are asking why ? because when you are reading such books , they just give you sent…

Top 7 podcasts and websites to help you boost your language

Hi friends :D , I'm happy to see you again in a new post in which I suggest to you 10 famous websites and webradios that can make a significant change and boost your level in the language, and that I visit them regularly to improve  my linguistic skills. ready ? ,so let's start :D

Kuntur Spanisch podcast : as its name says , this podcast is for Spanish learners in Germany , this podcast can be useful if you already know German , and you want to learn Spanish as a second language , you can listen to the podcast by clicking onthe name , or by going to

Ecoute Podcast : just like Kuntur podcast , this is another German speaking podcast , for French learners in Germany . with this podcast , you can learn vocabularies and know etimology of words, but also enjoy listening to funny talks in French :D

BBC : this is not just one channel , but BBC (stands for British Broadcasting Corporation) is a big media group that has many TV channels and Radio broadcasts suitable for all …

0 Day Hack :Speak Any Language From Day 0

Hi Friends , what's up :D may be it's hilarious to read such titles in myb blog , and maybe also you say "Are you crazy ? " and the like , in a way , I'm agree with you because there is no method to master a language from day 1 , but to speak words that you need , this can be done in less than a day :D , the technique I'll show you today was come yesterday to my inbox , by a language polyglot , so I said why not to share it with you :D , thanks to this method, you can "speak" a language even if you don't have an extensive vocabulary .

Now, the question that comes to your mind is HOW can I do it ? simple :D , as we all know , nearly all languages in the world follow the same algorithm , you meet a Canadian , you start by a simple hello/bonjour , then you introduce yourself and your occupations , and the same for Indian , French , and for all languages in general , so from this fact the idea comes ,to create a script that won't take from you mo…

Instagram : An Easy And Effective Way to learn Languages

Hi guys , nasilsen (how are you in Turkish :D ) , i'm happy to see you again after days of inactivity on this blog , today I want to share with you an easy and effective way that can make you to move ahead in your learning in this new year , and that can save much time in learning , I'm talking about learning using Instagram  .

So , as we all know , Instagram is a social network based on the concept of pictures and short videos sharing , and these are the good points in this app , that can help language learners , especially the ones who have a pictographic memory (people that memorize pictures :)  ) , to learn even faster :) . Personally , it was a year ago when I created my profile on Instagram , and I can say that it helped me a lot to get more vocabulary in many languages , all what you need after you create your account is to look for language-related profiles , or by following hashtags (#) related to language learning to get daily targeted posts and people to follow , for…