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Instagram : An Easy And Effective Way to learn Languages

Hi guys , nasilsen (how are you in Turkish :D ) , i'm happy to see you again after days of inactivity on this blog , today I want to share with you an easy and effective way that can make you to move ahead in your learning in this new year , and that can save much time in learning , I'm talking about learning using Instagram  .

So , as we all know , Instagram is a social network based on the concept of pictures and short videos sharing , and these are the good points in this app , that can help language learners , especially the ones who have a pictographic memory (people that memorize pictures :)  ) , to learn even faster :) . Personally , it was a year ago when I created my profile on Instagram , and I can say that it helped me a lot to get more vocabulary in many languages , all what you need after you create your account is to look for language-related profiles , or by following hashtags (#) related to language learning to get daily targeted posts and people to follow , for…