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0 Day Hack :Speak Any Language From Day 0

Hi Friends , what's up :D may be it's hilarious to read such titles in myb blog , and maybe also you say "Are you crazy ? " and the like , in a way , I'm agree with you because there is no method to master a language from day 1 , but to speak words that you need , this can be done in less than a day :D , the technique I'll show you today was come yesterday to my inbox , by a language polyglot , so I said why not to share it with you :D , thanks to this method, you can "speak" a language even if you don't have an extensive vocabulary .

Now, the question that comes to your mind is HOW can I do it ? simple :D , as we all know , nearly all languages in the world follow the same algorithm , you meet a Canadian , you start by a simple hello/bonjour , then you introduce yourself and your occupations , and the same for Indian , French , and for all languages in general , so from this fact the idea comes ,to create a script that won't take from you mo…