Flitto : Make Few Dollars While Translating and Reading News in Your Language

Flitto app  gives you the opportunity to read, translate, and to exchange points for cash

Hi, friends, comment Allez-Vous? :D (How are you in French :p ) , I'm back again with exclusive posts as always, but this time with a special topic, cuz I didn't see posts talk about it on the net :D , well, I'm not going to make more suspense, just let's get into the situation : Are you a beginner ? Do you need a motivation to keep learning?  Or even Are you looking for a way to practice your knowledge in languages and make few dollars at the same time? then,this post is made for You :D  In fact , It was a few months ago when I saw a sponsored advertisement on Facebook that promotes this new app that enables people to get rewarded by translating simple sentences to other people, or to translate tweets and different feeds of news pages, to make other people understand , I'm talking about Flitto , so all that you need to get started is a PC/Android phone or tablet with Internet access and a knowledge in one of the languages supported by the app and that are Korean, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Arabic, Japanese and Chinese, and it's done . Its approach of rewards is very simple, You translate and get points, after you accumulate 50000 points, You can apply to cash-out your 35$ to your PayPal account, or You can make a donation to help institutions to realize their non-profit projects , but also, You can shop some Korean Traditional products and get them shipped to home.

Flitto store: accumulate your points and receive your money on Paypal
  Maybe someone said "OK, I installed the app on my device , so what's next ? " my answer is : SIMPLE :D You have 3 ways to earn points, the first one is by watching feeds and translate them to the language you chose (10 points/translation in 24h ) , the second one is to translate people's sentences (100 - 200 points/translation after being chosen by other translators ) , and finally the third one is by participating in events organized by Flitto , Personally, I choose to translate event's sentences because they give more points, but they require correct translation to get rewarded, unlike translating news feeds or people's sentences that need just to keep the meaning as it is , you can add a word in the sentence, for example, to make your translation more coherent, however, in events,they require few criteria that should be in your sentence to be accepted.

So,by this words I'll end this post in hope to see you in the coming ones, until then, You can enjoy discovering the app, request translations for anything you want from natives speakers and collecting points from translating news feeds to your language :D
Iyi iyi şanslar (Good luck in Turkish :D )

P.S : Use this coupon when you sign up for a new account and get 1000 bonus points


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  2. Mathew Stephen Thank you sir for your motivating words , in fact , i made a big mistake by leaving this blog for months without writing new posts , I hope to back soon :) have an excellent week-end :D



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