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Tired from Facebook conversations , try Hellotalk

Good morning brothers and sisters wherever you are in the world, how are you :D I hope you are that you are fine and that you are enjoying your time :) , this week I come with a new app that can help you much in language , especially if we know that language exchange is somewhat difficult to realize via Facebook conversations because both of speakers should speak one language in order to communicate (which is English in most of cases , as it's popular and understood by most of people ) , by this way , you end by speaking no word in your target language,and by the time , you start to forget words and your level falls down .

For that reason , a new app was made just for that , to make language exchange easier and being understood while speaking your mother tongue, but also , you can learn sentences by translating your friend's reply , without need to copy the sentence and paste it in other translation apps , in HelloTalk app , you can do all these while enjoying talking with your…

Learn a language in few days .... what ???

Hi friends , come stai :D (How are you in Italian ) , hope that you are fine and full of energy :) my story with this article began when I was walking around in a library ,when i found a title "learn English in a week,simply,and without teacher" yeah....sounds weird :p , learn English in a week with a tiny book ? :D  and I stand looking for that book and laugh silently (as i'm not the only one in the library lol :D ) , I said "Are you kidding with me ? I studied English since my last years in Elementary school and still not mastering it yet , and you come to kid with me with that small book in your hands ? " :D .

   For that reason ,I decided to write this article to spread awarness about the subject , if you are a begineer and it was a coincidence and you passed by such books and you bought it , well , in this case I should say that I've a bridge to sell :D :p lol , maybe you are asking why ? because when you are reading such books , they just give you sent…

Top 7 podcasts and websites to help you boost your language

Hi friends :D , I'm happy to see you again in a new post in which I suggest to you 10 famous websites and webradios that can make a significant change and boost your level in the language, and that I visit them regularly to improve  my linguistic skills. ready ? ,so let's start :D

Kuntur Spanisch podcast : as its name says , this podcast is for Spanish learners in Germany , this podcast can be useful if you already know German , and you want to learn Spanish as a second language , you can listen to the podcast by clicking onthe name , or by going to

Ecoute Podcast : just like Kuntur podcast , this is another German speaking podcast , for French learners in Germany . with this podcast , you can learn vocabularies and know etimology of words, but also enjoy listening to funny talks in French :D

BBC : this is not just one channel , but BBC (stands for British Broadcasting Corporation) is a big media group that has many TV channels and Radio broadcasts suitable for all …