Learn a language in few days .... what ???

Learn Engkish in six days without teacher

Hi friends , come stai :D (How are you in Italian ) , hope that you are fine and full of energy :) my story with this article began when I was walking around in a library ,when i found a title "learn English in a week,simply,and without teacher" yeah....sounds weird :p , learn English in a week with a tiny book ? :D  and I stand looking for that book and laugh silently (as i'm not the only one in the library lol :D ) , I said "Are you kidding with me ? I studied English since my last years in Elementary school and still not mastering it yet , and you come to kid with me with that small book in your hands ? " :D .

   For that reason ,I decided to write this article to spread awarness about the subject , if you are a begineer and it was a coincidence and you passed by such books and you bought it , well , in this case I should say that I've a bridge to sell :D :p lol , maybe you are asking why ? because when you are reading such books , they just give you sentences to repeat like a voice machine when you meet a native , maybe you will be happy in the begining and maybe you said "yes,I start speak French :D " , but my answer is "don't be happy too much :) " you will realize that you know nothing from the first conversation with a native because they lied on you and sold you dreams , without teaching you grammar or even give you the least idea about how the language works (tenses and the like ) , which are pillars of your success in all languages. Result, your investment was lost and you are back again to the start point , and , by the way, it's not your fault , but theirs , they misuse the trust you put on them , those publishers that play with words to generate maximum of sells for their "crap" , without caring about poor learners that will find themselves lost in the path as they don't have the basics of language that can illuminate their way to realize their dream , to be fluent and communicate easily with natives.

It's sad to see such books spread , especially in poor countries ,even more , laws in general concerning books and published content are not always applicable , which make the situation more complicated , and let the door wide-open to those publishers to play as they want .
So guys ,that's what I can say for now , I know there are so much things to say about it and maybe it worths a video , but without time and equipment , I can't do it :) . I hope this post to reach all learners including begineers that are putting their first steps in language learning , and i hope to see you in the coming posts , until then , i suggest to read the following article from a language teaching website and that talks about a plan for getting from begineer to fluent in a language :) enjoy and see you soon :D

The link : https://www.verbling.com/articles/a-plan-for-getting-from-beginner-to-fluent/


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