Tired from Facebook conversations , try Hellotalk

Good morning brothers and sisters wherever you are in the world, how are you :D I hope you are that you are fine and that you are enjoying your time :) , this week I come with a new app that can help you much in language , especially if we know that language exchange is somewhat difficult to realize via Facebook conversations because both of speakers should speak one language in order to communicate (which is English in most of cases , as it's popular and understood by most of people ) , by this way , you end by speaking no word in your target language,and by the time , you start to forget words and your level falls down .

For that reason , a new app was made just for that , to make language exchange easier and being understood while speaking your mother tongue, but also , you can learn sentences by translating your friend's reply , without need to copy the sentence and paste it in other translation apps , in HelloTalk app , you can do all these while enjoying talking with your friends , its user-friendly interface enables learners to get most of their learning experience, but also , meet new friends that speak different languages and exchange vocabulary with them , all what you need to get into this game and join thousands of learners like you , is to signup for an account , registration can be done from mobile and it will not take more than 10 minutes maximum , and enjoy :D .

Personally , one of good points I found in this app , is that you can filter results by country, age and even the city , unlike Facebook, where you can just add people without having an idea about whether he is a native speaker or not , also , its amazing support , in first time you run HelloTalk app and log into your account , first contact you'll have in your list is with HelloTalk team , ready to help in case of any problem in your account (of course , you are not the only one who asks for help , you may consider to allow some time to the team in order to help you :)  ) .

Last but not least , is the feature of voice call , with this app , you can make a voice call , just like you do on FB messenger , you can talk with your friend and hear the correct pronounciation of each word while enjoying :D in my humble opinion , this is one of features that makes me like this app :D I think it's the best alternative of FB for all polyglots and language learners in general :) you may consider to download this mobile app and discover it by yourself , and enjoy speaking with people all over the world :D
So guys, by these words , I'll end this post in hope to see you again in the coming ones , until then , I suggest to check other language posts on blogs I gave you in this article , see you soon and have fun :D iyi günler :D

Download ====>  www.HelloTalk.com


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