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Practice time ? oh not now ...

Buonogiorno amici , come stai :D , İ hope you are all fine and happy to start this week , now before start discussing the topic , İ want to start first by a situation : did you live that moment when you were surfing on the net , suddenly , a notification from Duolingo told you that's practice time , and because you are not in mood to revise , so you go to notification bar and give that poor owl professor a clap to run away :D :v  few weeks after , you start feeling that spark of motivation reduces , until the day you give up ..not nice :/ is it ? İt feels like you were building a skycraper and suddenly all fades away :/ luckily , you are not the one who experienced this problem , and in this article , i'll show you some ways to avoid procrastinating your language learning activities , so let's start :

-Remind yourself there is a lot of things to do before start harvesting fruits : you may consider to do this if you want to keep your motivation , because language -as Memrise…

Top 6 moments only language hackers can enjoy

Selam arkadaşlar , n'aber :D (Hi friends , what's up :D ) ,  I hope you are fine and you are enjoying this week learning new words online :D , I'm back again with a new post , where I want to share with you top 6 moments that only language hackers enjoy :D , moments that only people like you and I are enjoying them :D , so without making more suspense , let's start :D

When your friend asks you a question and you reply in another language : we all had that moment when someone asked us about something and we reply "quoi?" for example haha :D some of them may consider it as you are trying to show that you speak languages , but they forget that when we -language hackers- want to learn a language , we program our brains and subconscious to get used to it , which result sometimes to "drop" some words unintentionally :D
when you want to write a word in a language , and you realize that is a spelling of the same word in another language : i'm sure you exp…