Practice time ? oh not now ...

Buonogiorno amici , come stai :D , İ hope you are all fine and happy to start this week , now before start discussing the topic , İ want to start first by a situation : did you live that moment when you were surfing on the net , suddenly , a notification from Duolingo told you that's practice time , and because you are not in mood to revise , so you go to notification bar and give that poor owl professor a clap to run away :D :v  few weeks after , you start feeling that spark of motivation reduces , until the day you give up ..not nice :/ is it ? İt feels like you were building a skycraper and suddenly all fades away :/ luckily , you are not the one who experienced this problem , and in this article , i'll show you some ways to avoid procrastinating your language learning activities , so let's start :

-Remind yourself there is a lot of things to do before start harvesting fruits : you may consider to do this if you want to keep your motivation , because language -as Memrise app taught me :D - is like a tree, you start by planting seeds (basics) , taking care of it (watering -practice- ) , before harvest time comes and you enjoy fruits of your efforts (fluency )

- Break a big task to small tasks : to see a big mountain , it can make you fear and turn away , but to see a small mountain , this gives you the motivation to climb it :) the same concept can be applied on language learning , let's take English as an example , if your "big goal" (I don't know exactly the equivalant in English , but in French , they call it "finalité" ) is to be able to speak English fluently , you can split that big goal to small tasks , just like stairs in scales :D so , I will make first 10 days for studying sentence structure and learning verbs to make simple sentence like " Imad likes Pop music " , and then I will move to study different tenses and different speech forms (passive voice , reported speech etc... ) , and the rest for vocabulary learning and practice ... ;)

-Organize your time and make a smart to do list : if you like something , you will make time for it , try to organize your time by writing a smart to-do list that include only things you are avoiding , İ think by this way , you are challenging yourself to complete the list ,

-ask your friends for help : never hesitate to ask for help whenever you need it , if you feel lazy to open language learning websites and type answers using keyboard, it's OK :D you can ask your friends to join you in hangouts and start talking , by this way , you can learn and do things you like :) .

So friends , these were some advices that can help you to keep things you've done , but also make language learning easier , hope you find them useful inşallah :) until then , I suggest you to read this article below that talks about how to stop procrastinating , this can help you to know more about the topic :) see you soon my friends :D

How to stop procrastinating


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