Imad needs your prayers

Good morning my brothers and sisters all over the world , how are you :) this is a short message from me before desappear for a short time , these days are going so difficult for me , Exams will start 5 days from now , and I need you to pray with me to succeed and get my Business diploma , please ,  it will take just 5 minutes to pray with me and with all students who have exams these days ... :)

For Muslim learners that are visiting this blog , it's sad that i'll not be here to wish you Ramadan mubarak , but you know , I love you all , wish you a month of ramadan full of  joy and happiness with your families :)

Thank you in advance my dear friends :) 

Update : first day in the exam was fine , İ hope to pass this exam quickly to come back 
:) have a nice day

Update 2 : İ finished exams , 5 hours and 10 papers , can you imagine ? :o it was really difficult , just pray with me to get the average mark :)

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Wednesday,June 17th , 2015 14:52 G

Last update : yeeeeeeeeeees :D finally I get my professional diploma in commerce , i'm feeling so happy today :D thank you so much for your support :D stay tuned, İ'll back soon :D

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July, 21 2015


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