The Complete Story Behind Selling Brooklyn Bridge Expression

Hi brothers and sisters everywhere in this world , happy to see you again in my new post , this time I choose to talk with you about you about the origin of a famous American idiom , yes , I'm talking about "selling Brooklyn bridge" :D as an English learner , you experienced to hear a lot of expressions , some of them a weird enough to make me rolling on floor laughing haha :D , well , from expressions that made a question mark upon my head when I was learning English is "selling brooklyn bridge" (that is used to mean someone gullable or "stupid" )  I said "ow 0_o , why Brooklyn bridge exactly ? United States is full of bridges , so what made Brooklyn bridge more famous than the rest of bridges dispersed on the country .

Fortunately , as I have been studied about business , I was also interested in marketing , which led me to read an article titled "crazy ideas always succeed" (in Arabic ,by the way :) )  the story started in 1983 , when a person called Paul Hartunian was lied on his sofa watching , when he saw an interview with a well-known wood entrepreneur that will change the walkway on the bridge , as the wood became was no more safe to walk on , here Paul hurried to buy that old wood , and he took it to one of his friends , who was working as a carpenter , and asked him to cut the wood into square pieces.

the funniest part is still coming :D Mr.Hartunian published his press bulletin that turn the world upside down "A man from New jersey sells Brooklyn bridge...for 14,95 USD".

Just after publishing this bulletin , he began to write authenticity certificates to attach it with wood pieces, and he invited all popular journalists to test the wood and give a proof the wood is original . this move helped him to attract more rich people and he sold all pieces he got  for a large amount of money .

By this way , Paul Hartunian became a success model in his epoque , and prove to the world that nothing is impossible , and it takes just a session with yourself to bring an idea that can make this planet a place that worths to live in :D

So friends , I enjoyed living with you this story , you can also know more about Paul's story by visiting links below ( there is a link that will make you laugh out laughing , guess what ? the bridge is still on sold LOL :D :D :D ) hope to see you soon my friends in the coming posts , iyi günler (have a nice day , of course in Turkish haha :D )

links :
- (video for the interview made in 80's )
- (in Arabic )


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