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5 reasons why songs are best way to learn a language

Hola mi amigos :D ¿ qué tal ? :D I'm back again :D I hope that you still there , reading posts about language and enjoying your day :D  today , I want to talk with you about one of my favourite ways to hack any language....i'm talking about songs ..yes , as you know , music feeds our souls , but beside this , it has great advantages for language learners that I'm going to list , so without making more suspense , let's start :D :
- audible material sticks in the brain more than a printed one :  let's imagine that you are watching TV and you see a commercial with a song you like ...after few hours go to read a novel you bought from , if i asked you to repeat the line "x" in page "n" are most likely to forget as you focused on the story more than focusing on vocabulary used in the novel , however , if i asked you to sing the commercial , there are chances to sing a large part of the song (well , I don't know if t…