5 reasons why songs are best way to learn a language

Hola mi amigos :D ¿ qué tal ? :D I'm back again :D I hope that you still there , reading posts about language and enjoying your day :D  today , I want to talk with you about one of my favourite ways to hack any language....i'm talking about songs ..yes , as you know , music feeds our souls , but beside this , it has great advantages for language learners that I'm going to list , so without making more suspense , let's start :D :

- audible material sticks in the brain more than a printed one :  let's imagine that you are watching TV and you see a commercial with a song you like ...after few hours ...you go to read a novel you bought from library......now , if i asked you to repeat the line "x" in page "n" ....you are most likely to forget as you focused on the story more than focusing on vocabulary used in the novel , however , if i asked you to sing the commercial , there are chances to sing a large part of the song (well , I don't know if this fact can be applied on all people , but this is what I noticed in my daily life  :D )
Learn a lot of words in short time : let's say that you are a beginner and you lack words to make sentences , with songs , you can learn a lot of words while enjoying the music :D all what you need is to look for lyrics and their translation , there are many websites that can help you with that below this article ;)
Listening to song is better than revising : in one hand , it's a pleasure to listen to songs you like , and in the other hand , it takes less effort trying to remember vocabulary :D

Portable : Nowdays , thanks to Technologic evolution , songs can be played everytime and everywhere , don't have time to set on desktop and play songs on the media player , it's ok , you can copy songs to your phone memory card and play it everywhere , on the way , at work , at home ,no need to carry old-fashioned discs or magnetic bands ( just kidding , i know it doesn't exist anymore haha :p ) , a cheap mp3 player that cost 20 $ (or you can buy generic Mp3 players that cost less , about 5$ ) can do the job perfectly :D

Last but not least , it helps you to get the correct pronounciation , most of songs are usually made by native singers , did you ever listened for exemple to James Blunt songs , Maroon 5 ,or even Avril Lavinge's songs , they are all speaking English as a First Language (EFL) , and so , they are expected to have an excellent pronounciation :D why not to get advantage from their songs .

Voilà :D by these words , I'll end this post in hope to see you again in the coming ones :) until then , and for everyone who wants to go further and learn more about advantages of learning language from songs , these are some ressources I received from a friend and from my newsletters , enjoy learning :D  , İyi haftasonları  ( have a nice week-end  )

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