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Hi guys , comment allez-vous :D Hope you are fine and enjoying christmas days before saying goodbye to this year 2015 , also , I feel happy (and also sad :(  ) , feeling happy because this blog changed a lot in my life , and connect me with people who really care about language and share the same hobby with me , but sad because i didn't manage to give much to visitors for some reasons ( maybe this article would be no more an article if I start to tell you about my story ...sure that's not what you are looking for :)  )

So without making you wait for long , as Kato Lomb said "Language is the only thing worth knowing even poorly" , especially if you get itchy feet and you want to go somewhere , you may need some crash courses to learn some basic sentences to get directions or to order a meal or something else , so   this is five best courses you can take on Udemy learning platform :

Russian Made Easy - Accelerated Learning for Russian :  ( 4.9 stars ***** )  : as the name says , this is an accelerated course for Russian learners , made especially for beginners who just start to learn language , you get the basic sentences you need to say in a simple , fun and effecient way can you also read the transcription that can be downloaded in the right side of videos (on the top ) .

The following are some reviews written by users who subscribed in this course recently :)

in case you find problems to read Cyrillic letters , you can also join this mini course made especially for that   Russian Alphabets :)

Arabic Language For Beginners - Short and Sweet Introduction (4.7 Stars ***** )  : it's not strange to find Arabic in this list , as it's the 4th spoken language in the world , by up to 242 Million speakers , in addition of being one of ancient languages and that is plenty of words (some words have +100 synonymes...the famous exemple is the word "Lion" ) , knowing this language , even basics , will help you (no doubt ) to get some good impressions from Arabs , especially if you are working in Middle Eastern countries , learning some words of Arabic will open doors to set up relationships of sympathy :) with this course made by a native speaker (from Syria ) , you can get everything to get started with Arabic , from Alphabets to daily sentences , passing by reading and typing exercices , in addition of bonus : a story to read in the end of the course , which will help you to get used to Arabic writing and discover more words and so more :)

This picture shows some reviews made by users who started the course recently :)

Fastbreak Spanish (4.5 stars **** ) : from the name , it is obvious that is an accelerated course for Spanish , the 2 nd most spoken language in the world , with more than 399 Million speaker , whether you want to travel to Spanish-speaking countries or just to learn how to say "gracias" :D , this course give you just the necessary , from pronounciation to daily conversations passing by some basic grammar and verbs conjugation . also , if you wish to go further with Spanish , you can take another popular Spanish course on Udemy for 15 $ (Valid until Coupon valid until Dec 24th, 2015 , the real price is 197 $ ) .

and of course , these are some reviews of learners who completed the course recently :)

Basic French Language Skills For Everyday Life Course (4 stars **** ) : this is a course offered by Alison Learning platform , free of cost (as I promised you in title to give you only free courses , but I didn't find any free course on Udemy , that's why I looked for it in other educational platforms ) , this basic course will teach you how to introduce yourself and having some basic conversations with French speakers , also , it shows some tricks to distinguish between definite and indefinite articles , in addition of some grammar and discussions in different topics .

The course is highly rated and comes with a certification of completion in the end , which will help you to prove your competence in language  :D (for example to include it with CV's professional career as French is an international language and spoken in many countries ) 

Conversational German - First Contact (4 stars **** ) : last but not least , a German course offered by Alison , to help you to get started and speak some basic German , "Bitte" , "Danke" "Guten Tag" and a lot of words that you can get from this course , it's useful in case you plan to travel to Germany for short period and you want to know basic words to communicate with native speakers as shown in the picture below :D

So , by these words , I'll end this post in hope to see you soon :) until then ,don't 
stop learning the language you like ,there are plenty of ways that can make you even better ,just take a look on posts below and try to combine these ways to learn faster ;) have an excellent week-end :)

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