What It Means To Be a Monolinguist, Bilinguist or Multilinguist ?

Hi friends :D how are you :D I hope that you are fine now, enjoying Christmas days with your family :). today I want to talk about some definitions, I think if you are into languages , you most likely heard words like , monolingual, bilingual, multilingual, polyglot , hyperpolyglot etc... but, do you know the difference between all these terms? that's what we are going to discover together in this post :)

Mono-linguist : simply , this term refers to people who speak only their native language           ( one language) , crystal clear , isn't it :D

Bi-linguist: this is the second grade in language scale, refers to people who speak two languages, including their native language, like everyone in this world (as they study a second language at school ) , examples are numerous , it could be even you neighbour :D

Multi-linguist : in fact , there is an interferance ,the multilinguist is  as similar as the next grade of polyglot , but with a small difference , a multilinguist is anyone who speaks from 3 to 4 languages , and honestly I find myself in this grade as I'm speaking only 3 languages (fluently) and learning 3 other ones , so at this stage , it's too early for me to talk about polyglotism , which I will try to define below :)

Polyglot :  that word which amazes everyone who hear it , everyone want to be a polyglot , but..wait , what's a polyglot ? good question :D as a member of Polyglot community on Facebook , I still remember that question was posted in the community , and definitions were numerous , some people said 4 , other people say 5 , but also 6 ,which makes me confused and push me to look more for the right definition , finally , I got the answer in a website called ILanguages , which defines the term Polyglot as "Someone with a high degree of proficiency in several languages (less than 1‰ of world population speak 5 languages fluently)¹" , in other words , you need to speak at least 5 languages fluently to talk about polyglotism .

(So now the difference between Multilinguist and Polyglot is clear , to talk about "multi-lingualism" , you just need to speak more than two languages , but to talk about "polyglotism" , you need to speak at least five Languages fluently )

Hyper-Polyglot : those are kings of languages that we are hearing about everyday on the media  , those people are famous and they speak 10 languages and more , we can talk about Alex Rawlings , Timothy Doner ,  The Irish Polyglot (Benny Lewis) , Ellen Jovin (Proud to be a member in one of her communities on Facebook :) ) and so many other ones that you can find in the link below :) 

So , by these words i'll end this post in hope to see you soon , I hope I cover all points concerning this topic :) , until then , you can find below links to some articles to know more about the topic , have fun , à bientôt :D

Links :
¹) http://ilanguages.org/bilingual.php




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