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Review : Assimil Le Turc Sans Peine livre - Turkish for French speakers (French Edition)

Selam my friends , how are you :D I hope you are fine and you are enjoying this week-end reading language articles and learning vocabulary of your lovely language :D today I want to start my first review about a book I bought few days ago (as it's my first review , so it is normal to lack some elements , but at least I tried to do something to help you , any suggestion will be appreciated :) ), the book is published by Assimil , a French company that was creating and publishing many languages courses since 1929 , the book as you can see in the picture is teaching Turkish for French speakers and designed for beginners to help them reach upper-intermediate level  (B2 according to European Fluency Scale ) , the good thing in the book is the fact that it covers all parts in the language , from vocabulary to grammar , with exercices to apply what you learn from lessons . also , the book comes with a grammatical index and the most used expressions that you will need in your conversation…