Review : Assimil Le Turc Sans Peine livre - Turkish for French speakers (French Edition)

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Assimil Turkish Course Cover 

Selam my friends , how are you :D I hope you are fine and you are enjoying this week-end reading language articles and learning vocabulary of your lovely language :D today I want to start my first review about a book I bought few days ago (as it's my first review , so it is normal to lack some elements , but at least I tried to do something to help you , any suggestion will be appreciated :) ), the book is published by Assimil , a French company that was creating and publishing many languages courses since 1929 , the book as you can see in the picture is teaching Turkish for French speakers and designed for beginners to help them reach upper-intermediate level  (B2 according to European Fluency Scale ) , the good thing in the book is the fact that it covers all parts in the language , from vocabulary to grammar , with exercices to apply what you learn from lessons . also , the book comes with a grammatical index and the most used expressions that you will need in your conversations with native speakers .

exercices with correction 

 The book is divided in two parts : the first part is made especially to teach you vocabulary , you start to learn words and revise your grammar lessons until it sticks in your mind , with exercices like the one in the picture above to help you to get the most out of the lesson 

 In addition , the book gives the opportunity to the reader to know about turkish culture and lifestyle , all that while enjoying doing exercices , thanks to examples inspired from the daily turkish life .

The following is what I learned  from reading this book ( I only mentionned things I learned , however , it depends on the reader , you can learn much more , but for me , the following is what I got from this book :) :) )  :

1) - I learned the counting system , now I can list numbers from 1(bir) to 1000(bin) :D (each page has a number written in digits and words exemple 84 = seksen dort :) )

2) - I got some useful informations about the most interesting places in istanbul , this can help me in case I travel to Turkey 
3) - I got the French equivalant of many Turkish words 

4) -Some pictures are funny enough to draw a smile on my face , it's a kind of books that combines learning , culture and fun ,and that's the reason why I chose it to write my first book review :D

Finally , I hope this review to be useful enough for everyone who is planning to purchase this book (or to download it ;) ) I tried to talk about everything I saw in this book , if you have any suggestion (books , courses , audiobooks ) that you want it to be reviewed , you can leave your suggestion in comments , and I will always be happy to check your suggested materials and tell you how I find them , until then , these are some interesting articles i read recently and that I want to share them with you , so enjoy :D have an excellent week-end :D 

-What is the best language to learn? by Marta Krzemińska


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