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6 Best Online Language Games to Learn with fun

Hi my friends , how are you :D I've been missing you all 😊 today I choose to talk about language games, yes, we gonna play :D but before talking about the topic, İ want to start first by a situation : are you feeling down and tired of learning , well , what if I tell you that you can revise your language lessons and learn, all that while enjoying your time, you can choose between talking with a chat bot in the language you are learning for practice or training your ear to distinguish between different languages, and the following is a list of languages games I collected from my daily browsing and that I like them with a simple design that loads fast, this website has many interesting games to play, you start by choosing a topic, then a list of games appear on the top Jigsaw2. Pairs of words or guess the word fast with Speedword, you can also play quizlet game to refresh your vocabulary.

+: lot of games to play
- : flash-based design, not compat…