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Language Learning – the Advantages of Learning Russian from a Native Speaker

Learning a new language is difficult enough when the syntax and grammar are similar to the tongue you already speak. When you attempt to learn a language as different as Russian, the challenges are that much greater. The Russian language is one of the most widely spoken in the world, and those who grow up with it pick up the tongue as naturally as Americans pick up the English language. But for the uninitiated, the many differences between Russian and English can present a real barrier to learning.
Fortunately, there is a way for learners to pick up the new language skills they need. Whether they need to learn Russian for business purposes or just for fun, learning from a native speaker of the language can make things a great deal easier.

When you learn the Russian language from someone who already speaks it, you get an inside track on the things that make it so different from the tongue you already speak. A native speaker of Russian can also provide you with valuable information about …