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Flitto : Make Few Dollars While Translating and Reading News in Your Language

Hi, friends, comment Allez-Vous? :D (How are you in French :p ) , I'm back again with exclusive posts as always, but this time with a special topic, cuz I didn't see posts talk about it on the net :D , well, I'm not going to make more suspense, just let's get into the situation : Are you a beginner ? Do you need a motivation to keep learning?  Or even Are you looking for a way to practice your knowledge in languages and make few dollars at the same time? then,this post is made for You :D  In fact , It was a few months ago when I saw a sponsored advertisement on Facebook that promotes this new app that enables people to get rewarded by translating simple sentences to other people, or to translate tweets and different feeds of news pages, to make other people understand , I'm talking about Flitto , so all that you need to get started is a PC/Android phone or tablet with Internet access and a knowledge in one of the languages supported by the app and that are Korean,…